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What’s next for the evolution of humankind?

A Novel

This novel spans locations from New Zealand, Antarctic, Scotland, to New Mexico, multiple dimensions, and subplots occurring in the past, present, and future. The story details the awakening of humankind through out-of-body experiences, memories of previous lives, reincarnation, spiritual guidance, extrasensory perception, and cryogenic technology.

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At the beginning of the fourth millennium, advances in ultra-psychic abilities have led humanity to the precipice of another evolutionary stage but Julie and her father, Glen McKinnon, a renowned member of the World Committee, struggle with negative forces that may compromise this transformation. In a parallel plot, a primitive civilization needs to take its first steps toward social and moral development. A surprising end combines these stories and could explain the first stages of our own civilization, as well as the gradual process of ever-evolving consciousnesses. If you’re curious about metaphysical and paranormal phenomena such as astral projection, psychic energy, and ESP and enjoy a suspenseful and action-packed narrative, this is a book worth reading.

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An out of the body adventure through time, past lives and multiple dimensions.

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An evolutive mission

The story starts at the top of a cliff, where a young girl is disturbed by her memories and terrified of the future, being pushed by the mission awaiting her. Frightened by a warrior who was coming towards her, she slips and falls towards the rugged rocks of the cliff. That’s when she gives up and gives herself in, feeling relieved that it was all over. As if trying to run away, she sets her mind on another time, where she feels protected, free of obligations and responsibilities. She closes her eyes and allows herself to be taken by the magic of happy days, calmly projecting her consciousness upwards as her body falls towards the abyss.

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Evolution. The Next Giant Leap

A Novel

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Thomaz Lera

Thomaz Lera is an electronic engineer with a master’s degree in nuclear engineering. During a professional career marked by many travels, he has visited and lived in several countries, such as Brazil, United States, England, India, and Germany. Innate curiosity and personal experiences led him to the study of religions and of consciousness and its manifestations in multi-dimensions, out-of-body experiences, and existential pluralities. The prospect that in the future the advancement of science and technology will highlight phenomena today seen as psychics, enabling a leap in the evolution of human consciousness, is what inspired the creation of this book. Another novel is on the way, based on the same subjects.


The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.

– Carl Sagan


Life is an immense experience. If there is only this life, seems like an awful waste of time.

– Thomaz Lera

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About this blog

Our Role in the Universe There are fascinating issues that surround us like the classical questions “Why are we here?”, “Is there intelligent life in other parts of the universe?”, “Is there an afterlife?”, “Is there a God?”, “Is there not a God?” and so on. Thanks to...



At one point we are motivated to seek classical explanations that have accompanied us since we became thinking beings. Life after life? Why are we here? Are there other consciousnesses in the universe? Other dimensions? The quest for self-knowledge leads us to the...

Consciousness Evolution

Consciousness Evolution

A small step for a man ... a giant leap for mankind This phenomenal phrase stated by Neil Armstrong during the first lunar landing on July 20th, 1969, can express very eloquently an evolutionary step for mankind. Evolution not in biological terms but, in Latus Sensus,...

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