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Our Role in the Universe

There are fascinating issues that surround us like the classical questions “Why are we here?”, “Is there intelligent life in other parts of the universe?”, “Is there an afterlife?”, “Is there a God?”, “Is there not a God?” and so on.

Thanks to our intelligence and our self-awareness, we have the capability of making these questions and try to find explanations. Not easy. Mankind has been dueling with those issues since our first spark of consciousness when we started to formulate answers and reasons mostly based on superstition and myths. The advent of the formal science slowly created an official path to search for answers about our universe, but many issues are yet unsolved and still subjected to the same poor judgment and systems of belief, even in the XXI century!

This blog does not have the ambition of intending to solve these questions but it is a tiny contribution to discuss them and understand what people think about them.

Dogmas and Systems of Belief x Personal Experience and Reasoning

Personally, I do not belong to any system of belief and do not get along with dogmas, whether secular or sacred. Despite being an engineer exposed to the recognized systems of science, I am aware that this discipline does not explain it all. On the other hand, even not belonging to any standard faith I have to agree that religion had its role in improving consciousness, despite all the stumbles and setbacks during the history of our civilization (although it is impossible to reckon the balance between benefits and harm provided by the many religions). What I strongly believe, is that it’s about time to start thinking for ourselves and try to find our own answers. I know many people that had scratched the veil of another reality or the alternative of a non-physical realm. I myself had personal experiences, very elusive and evasive, but yet enough to awaken the glimpse of possibilities and make me curious about them.

That´s the objective of this blog; to present ideas, to share thoughts, compare experiences, promote articles and other blogs, all in the scope of the evolution of consciousness. I have many interests in life; family, business, music, off-road expeditions, water sports, writing, science, history, reading, to say the most important. Considering time is a precious commodity, I selected the particular subject of consciousness to write about because I think it is something worthwhile to share and discuss.


Of course we will eventually be dealing with issues like consciousness, self-awareness, paranormal activity, extra-sensorial experiences, mind expansion, OBE (or out-of-the-body-experience, or astral traveling, or astral projection), reincarnation, afterlife, metaphysics, the manifestation of consciousness in non-physical realms, religions, science, skepticism, bio-energy and relative matters. However, there is no intention to approach these issues in a dogmatic, mythical, mystical or hermetic way. The idea is to treat them like possibilities of our consciousness, perhaps abilities or attributes that are still hidden and underdeveloped in our mind or soul. The approach will be reason and not belief, possibilities and not creed, self-experience and not intermediaries, facts and not dogmas.

Science and Religion

We will be also referring to subjects like quantum physics, cosmology, big bang theory, string theory, relativity, sub-particles realm, natural philosophy, natural science, human behavior, ethics, inquisition, secularism, enlightenment, civilization, and many others. Not technical but just deep enough to discuss the similarities between different realities and subjects.

The Next Giant Leap

In short, the idea behind this blog is to discuss which are the next leaps in human consciousness. In many articles on the internet, you may read that the next “Giant Leap for Mankind” is the landing of a human being on Mars. It is, in fact, true. But in our focus here I am more intended to discuss how humans are going to be in the next 500 or 1000 thousand years. Are we going to be able to better use our brain capacity and promote better synapses? What are the kind and the level of our moral values? Will there be criminality how we see today? Wars? Are we going to be able to discover and develop metaphysical attributes and touch a different kind of reality? Is our consciousness going to be able to manifest itself in a non-physical reality? The questions are open and greedy for suggestions.

In order to get to this point, I will start my posts with some thoughts on the evolution of our consciousness since its first sparks, and then over the history of our civilization. I will try to be brief and deal mostly with concepts and ideas. The pacing and details will come from the feedback from readers.

eBook. Evolution: The Next Giant Leap

I am currently finishing a novel called Evolution: The next giant leap, a fiction story set in the future, which deals with the matters that are the scope of this blog. I will eventually promote this eBook here and will be more than happy to promote other blogs, sites, articles, books, films or any material that our readers produce or recommend, once we remain in the range of this blog.

I hope to have comments and suggestions from you, the reader. So, in case you have the same interests and want to share your thoughts, they are welcome. If you defend an extreme point-of-view about a particular religion or system of belief, to the level of aggressiveness, maybe this blog is not for you, although I do not intend to avoid or censor any ideas.

A note about the English version of this blog: English is not my native language and, at the moment, I cannot count on a text reviser to publish the ideas. So, please accept my apologies concerning any typos, grammatical errors, lack of cohesion, poor phrases etc. If you have any suggestions regarding the improvement of the posts, in order to provide better comprehension, please send them!