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An Evolutive Mission

The story starts at the top of a cliff, where a young girl is disturbed by her memories and terrified of the future, being pushed by the mission awaiting her. Frightened by a warrior who was coming towards her, she slips and falls towards the rugged rocks of the cliff. That’s when she gives up and gives herself in, feeling relieved that it was all over. As if trying to run away, she sets her mind on another time, where she feels protected, free of obligations and responsibilities. She closes her eyes and allows herself to be taken by the magic of happy days, calmly projecting her consciousness upwards as her body falls towards the abyss.

30th Century

At the beginning of the beginning of the fourth millennium, the human being’s socioeconomic status is in an unprecedented development scale. In addition to that, the improvement of ultra psychic abilities has enabled the end of wars and criminality. Humanity is getting ready to be granted a mission which will place them in another evolutionary stage, but before that can happen, an unfinished business related to the past must be completed. That will unleash negative forces which may compromise transformation.

The Characters

In this framework Julie, one of the lead characters, goes through a searching process in order to understand her own evolution, learn how to project her consciousness out of her body and recall past lives – critical factors to be able to understand her role in her current existence, as well as in the mission which is about to come. Her dad, Glen McKinnon, a renowned scientist and high-ranking member of the World Committee, is one of the key agents in that society aiming at designing a project to set the details which will enable the task. However, as these events unfold, they end up taking each key character to completely unexpected situations in several different places on the planet, from exuberating forests in New Zealand, exotic beaches in the South Pacific, romantic castles in Scotland and unusual excavations in New Mexico to secret chambers in the frozen mountain ridges of Antarctica and burning deserts in Asia.

An Early Civilization

In another context, a civilization in its infancy lives in primitive conditions. It is formed by groups of hunters and collectors who constantly fight each other for basic issues and need to take their first steps towards social, moral and consciousness-related development. Vohl, a group leader, is at odds with himself and starts questioning his values, the way he’s been leading his people, the cruel acts he commits, and even his own existence, beginning to see that there should be another way for his group to coexist with others without violence, fear or scarcity. He starts acting differently and making changes which confront themselves directly with retrograde forces within his own people and begins having to deal with enemies who are interested in power and control through mysticism and religion. Besides that, Vohl proceeds with his inner transformation, which begins echoing in his thoughts and attitudes and makes him understand that he can get the support where he least expected to get it from. Many doubts and contradictions ravage beings that have nothing to do with human beings from the fourth millennium, ones that are unaware of brutality and the whole kind of negative emotion.

An Unexpected End

So we have two societies. Two completely different evolution levels. What would two so drastically different realities have in common? A surprising, unexpected, and also plausible end will be the result of the combination of those realities and could lead to a potential explanation for our own civilization’s first steps, as well as the gradual process of the consciousness development of the human species.

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